My youtube lifetime stats

I started youtube back in 2014 and since then i have reached 435 subscribers and have got more than 20k views on my channel. capture

I’m currently trying to get more viewers on my channel and impressions matter. These are my current stats for 2018-2019 now.capture

Getting more views on my videos also relies on what tags i put in the video and what thumbnails that i put in them. Advertising and sharing is also a major part in gaining new subscribers and future viewers. I usually share my videos on weku, facebook, instagram, and etc. With that i get to meet new people and share my content with them. I mostly do gaming as it is fun and very entertaining. My channel name is Rez night if any of you were wondering. I will make more lengthy post in the future but this is all i could think of today so forgive me. Thanks for stopping by and reading the post.

Yours truly, Mrblogger


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