Why you should join weku before it’s too late.

So awhile ago i joined this site called weku which is similar to steemit in some ways and different in others. Recently weku just became tradeable into bitshares on the market. You can also trade weku for steem in some places if you would like to. I am currently a weku moderator and i’m always happy to assist new users so if you decide to join just tell me your username in the comments. So it’s simple and easy you post content users might want to read and you receive upvotes from different people and keep in mind some people’s votes are bigger than others. My vote is currently around 10 weku. Also once you join make sure to follow weku-official as they have all the information that you will need to know.

Weku is growing bigger and bigger each day and the price of weku is going up so if you want some now is the time to get in. Any users who comment nice thoughtful messages on my post will receive upvotes but people who post spam will not. I have a guide on the proper way to be a good wekuian I posted awhile back if anyone is interested. One tip I recommend is joining contest to earn weku I usually do contest of 100 weku or more depending on how much I got.

Weku on

Yours truly, MrBlogger


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