Weku promotion

I hope you guys are having a good day and are interested in joining a site where you can earn crypto from sharing your content such as videos, pictures, and etc. I am a weku moderator and have been for awhile now. By joining deals.weku.io you will meet many people and make new friends. Earning upvotes is what helps you earn weku, weku power, and weku dollars. Weku power is what you use to give people upvotes which are likes. If you like a post you can upvote it and if you don’t like it then you can downvote it. My upvote is currently worth around 20 weku which is considered a lot for new users. I will give upvotes to users who join and put there names in the comments. Weku can currently be exchanged for bitshares and steem. If you have weku and would like to know how to trade it then you can follow @weku-official. Before you join make sure to read the rules and remember to have fun. You can follow me on there @tornadoman.

Here are some pictures of my account and how much I have earned so far.

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