Why i joined the crypto world.

I just started earning crypto last year and since then i have made a little bit of money and met a lot of nice people. I use websites like steemit and weku which are websites where you can earn crypto for posting stuff about your daily life or just posting and photo of something you did one day with a caption. Steemit’s currency is sbd (Steem back dollars) and Steem. Steem is currently on the market and has been for awhile and at one point steem was at 1 steem=8$. Weku on the other hand is exactly like steemit and will be coming on to the market soon within the next few months. I am currently 17 about to turn 18 and i’m just trying to make a little extra cash before i go to college. I was interested in crypto for awhile but never actually tried it out until last year when i was 16. I wil show you the current price of steem right now and all my stats for both weku and steem.

steem current value:Capture

The price of steem has dropped drastically but some people speculate that it is supposed to go up soon.


This is my current account balance on steemit. It’s not a lot because i don’t use it that often anymore because i have been more interested in weku recently as i have become a moderator on weku and i help the team find plagiarism and other stuff. My weku stats are


If you would like to join weku you can do so here: https://deals.weku.io/pick_account?referral=tornadoman

If you join weku make sure to contact me and i will help you out and answer any questions you have.

My username on steemti is: teenagecrypto

My weku username is: tornadoman

Youtube channel name: Rez night


Socialblade and what it does.

I use YouTube a lot and socialblade is a fun website that i use to look at stats and to look at my future projections. The projections may be wrong most of the time but its still fun to look at them. You can use socialblade to look at youtube, twitch, twitter, and instagram stats. You can also look at how much money you make each year on youtube. It will also show you similar channels that are related to you and have the same number of subscribers. These are my current projections right now Capture

I’m hoping to hit 500 subs this year and if you would like to help me out my channel name is Rez night. I don’t make any money currently because i need 1000 subs and 4000 watch hours on my channel. It also has a channel leader board which ranks your channel out of the other channels on youtube. There is also a live subscriber count on there if any of you would like to use it. If you would like to check out my channel you can do so here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVmpPmYvMwpeqtDqyMshwng. Try it out and tell me what you think because it does work really well. Here is my current rank on the leaderboard.


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How to get more YouTube views on your channel.

I started YouTube back in 2014 when i was about 12-13 and since then i have grown to 430 subscribers. Once i started gaming in 2017 is when my channel started to grow. I use to earn some money on YouTube but recently they changed the terms of service so now i need 1000 subs and 4000 watch hours. My goal this year is to hit 500 subs and get 100k views on my channel. Now that you know some stuff about my channel i can tell you how you can get more views on your channel.

Most new youtubers make videos and don’t get many views on them and the question is why. Well what people don’t know is that they can use tags in there videos which increases the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so users can find your videos easier. Here’s a example of one popular video on my channel and the tags that i used in it:


This video got my channel 200 views in 1-2 days and that is a great start for me since i’m such a small youtuber. Also it’s important to make your tags related to your video so in this case when someone searches bo2 infections my video will be recommended to them. Also making a catchy title is also very important for people clicking on the video. Thumbnails are also very special because it has to catch the viewers attention and make them actually want to watch the video. I will show you my most popular video and the tags that i used in it to get so many views. Capture


This was actually my oldest video on my channel and my most popular video somehow. It was fishing related and a lot of people like fishing so that’s why it became so popular. Since i added tags in this video it made it easier to find and that’s why more people found it and watched it. I mostly play call of duty and several other games that a lot of people play. I’m good at the game and people like my content so that’s what make me happy and when they share my content youtube will recommend my videos to more people and get me more views. If you guys would like to check out my channel you can do so here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVmpPmYvMwpeqtDqyMshwng?view_as=subscriber

If you have any more questions you can contact on youtube and i will answer them to the best of my knowledge. I thank you for reading today’s post and i hope you decide to come by in the future.

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How to be a better wekuian

Advice for weku newbies

Well if you have been on weku for awhile then you already know most of the rules. But it’s better to go over them again. One of the most important rules is no plagiarizing. Plagiarism is bad and when you do it you could receive downvotes from wekubusters and your reputation could go down. Another way you can receive downvotes is from spamming. Spamming comments such as good post and follow me are some of the most common ones i have seen while on weku. I know some people are new but please do not ask people to follow you by comment or post. All you have to do is kindly talk to other people and comment something good about there post and make some new friends and then if they like your stuff they will follow. I know it’s hard but just listen to this advice and you will grow. I have made many friends which has got me to where i am today.

How to earn weku.

  1. Join contests on other peoples pages. I’m currently running a contest for 100 weku on my page right now if you would like to join and it’s easy to enter.
  2. Commenting nice things on peoples post can get you upvotes and it is simple.
  3. Do not make post with a few words in them. Make them long and actually worth reading.
  4. Try and join the white-list program or some other type of event that’s currently going on in weku. Check the trending or promoted section to learn more.

Join weku moderators discord here: https://discord.gg/Yr8MUBW

If you need any help just talk to the moderators. We are always happy to help.

Answers to questions i get asked.

Q: when is ico

A: ico will be coming soon and weku will be tradeable.

Q: Is weku like steemit

A:Yes weku is similar to steemit.

Q: Is weku easy to use

A: yes weku is easy to use.

Those are some of the most common answers to questions that people ask.

If you haven’t joined weku yet and would like to you can right here: https://deals.weku.io/pick_account?referral=tornadoman

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My plans for the future

What i’m planning to do in the future?

I’m currently in my senior year of high school and i only have about 3 months left until i graduate. After that i’m deciding between becoming a meteorologist or getting a degree in business. With this blog i’m hoping to earn some money so i can save up for college. I’m working as hard as i can right now to get good grades because i want to do something i can succeed in. I also got my job as a weku moderator and i am hoping it becomes worth something. One other job i was thinking of was being a policeman because i would love a little action in my life. This is me now win_20190125_07_13_40_pro

I’m hoping i will look different in the future. I will post a picture of me again when i’m in college just so you will know how much i have changed. All i can do is hope. I also plan to have a boat and a house on the water one day. Or if i get enough money from blogging i can do this as a full time job. If you like my content or share it i thank you because meeting new people and talking them is really fun and we both get to know more about each other. Making this blog has been a fun experience for me ever since i made it a few days ago. I made about 16 cents so far which is not a lot but it means something to me. I also have got about 160 views on my blog so far. That’s more than i thought i would get in a year. Well we will see what happens and i can’t wait to talk to you guys again. I thank you for stopping by and reading today’s post.

Yours truly, Mrblogger

My youtube lifetime stats

I started youtube back in 2014 and since then i have reached 435 subscribers and have got more than 20k views on my channel. capture

I’m currently trying to get more viewers on my channel and impressions matter. These are my current stats for 2018-2019 now.capture

Getting more views on my videos also relies on what tags i put in the video and what thumbnails that i put in them. Advertising and sharing is also a major part in gaining new subscribers and future viewers. I usually share my videos on weku, facebook, instagram, and etc. With that i get to meet new people and share my content with them. I mostly do gaming as it is fun and very entertaining. My channel name is Rez night if any of you were wondering. I will make more lengthy post in the future but this is all i could think of today so forgive me. Thanks for stopping by and reading the post.

Yours truly, Mrblogger

Weku and what it is.

Hello everyone i hope you are having a good day. So about 3-4 months ago i started using a site called weku which is a platform where you can share your opinions, post content such as art, and just post stuff about your daily life. I am currently growing very slowly on the website and earning crypto as i go. I am also a weku moderator and i help the team find plagarism, spam, and fake accounts.  My account balance is capture

My vote is currently worth 16-17 weku so if you join and you would like a vote just tell me. You can join here: https://deals.weku.io/pick_account?referral=tornadoman and create a introduction post and use the introduceyourself tag so people get to know you more. Also please do not spam or plagarize as it is not allowed. I am also currently the youngest moderator on weku and am still learning a lot of stuff. If you have any questions about it just comment down below and i will answer it when i get a chance. I hope you guys will give it a try and tell me what you think. Also remember if you need help just ask and i would be glad to help you.

My account name is tornadoman and i love to help new people out. Also i was recently talking with the weku team and in a few months weku will be exchangeable. We are also going to do a lot of contest and other stuff so that users have a chance at earning more weku. I also have a youtube channel which i will promote stuff on in the future the channel name is Rez night and the link to it is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVmpPmYvMwpeqtDqyMshwng


Picture source: https://www.issuewire.com/weku-launches-blockchain-community-as-a-service-social-network-platform-with-50000-members-1616328511336577

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