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I hope you guys are having a good day and are interested in joining a site where you can earn crypto from sharing your content such as videos, pictures, and etc. I am a weku moderator and have been for awhile now. By joining deals.weku.io you will meet many people and make new friends. Earning upvotes is what helps you earn weku, weku power, and weku dollars. Weku power is what you use to give people upvotes which are likes. If you like a post you can upvote it and if you don’t like it then you can downvote it. My upvote is currently worth around 20 weku which is considered a lot for new users. I will give upvotes to users who join and put there names in the comments. Weku can currently be exchanged for bitshares and steem. If you have weku and would like to know how to trade it then you can follow @weku-official. Before you join make sure to read the rules and remember to have fun. You can follow me on there @tornadoman.

Here are some pictures of my account and how much I have earned so far.

Join weku and earn money for posting content.

Hey guys i hope you guys are all doing well and as some of you know i use a website called weku and i post content on there and i earn crypto. I’m giving new people a deal here. If you join weku and make a post I will upvote it 100% but you have to comment your weku name in the comments. I currently am trying my best to help as much people as i earn extra money and I want you guys to be a part of it. If you do join you can follow me here

I am also a moderator on weku so if you have any questions about using it you can talk to me. Also if you would like to join my youtube subscriber gang my YouTube channel name is Rez night.

Thanks for stopping by and reading.

Why you should join weku before it’s too late.

So awhile ago i joined this site called weku which is similar to steemit in some ways and different in others. Recently weku just became tradeable into bitshares on the market. You can also trade weku for steem in some places if you would like to. I am currently a weku moderator and i’m always happy to assist new users so if you decide to join just tell me your username in the comments. So it’s simple and easy you post content users might want to read and you receive upvotes from different people and keep in mind some people’s votes are bigger than others. My vote is currently around 10 weku. Also once you join make sure to follow weku-official as they have all the information that you will need to know.

Weku is growing bigger and bigger each day and the price of weku is going up so if you want some now is the time to get in. Any users who comment nice thoughtful messages on my post will receive upvotes but people who post spam will not. I have a guide on the proper way to be a good wekuian I posted awhile back if anyone is interested. One tip I recommend is joining contest to earn weku I usually do contest of 100 weku or more depending on how much I got.

Weku on

Yours truly, MrBlogger


What am i going to do in my future in crypto.

I started my crypto journey back last year and since then my knowledge of crypto has grown drastically. I am currently a weku moderator and a average steemian. Weku has been a really fun thing to do in my freetime and i love helping people out and earning weku. Soon the rest of the weku team will be making weku tradeable and something to buy on the market. Keep in mind i do not know what the price is going to be the estimated price they said might be 0.05 cents but remember this is just the starting price and i don’t know if it will be the actual price of it. I am slowly growing my way up on the weku platform and steemit. If you would like to earn more weku you can contact me on there my username is tornadoman and on steemit my name is teenagecrypto. I am currently running a contest on steemit to if any of you would like to join for a chance to win steembasicincome. I also have a tag on weku if any of you want to use it the name of it is tornadoman. I’m also very close to 500 subs on youtube to so if you like gaming my channel name is Rez night and i have 480 subscribers.  I have also decided to not do podcast as i do not have a big follower base for that yet. Thanks for stopping by

Yours truly, Mrblogger


Why i joined the crypto world.

I just started earning crypto last year and since then i have made a little bit of money and met a lot of nice people. I use websites like steemit and weku which are websites where you can earn crypto for posting stuff about your daily life or just posting and photo of something you did one day with a caption. Steemit’s currency is sbd (Steem back dollars) and Steem. Steem is currently on the market and has been for awhile and at one point steem was at 1 steem=8$. Weku on the other hand is exactly like steemit and will be coming on to the market soon within the next few months. I am currently 17 about to turn 18 and i’m just trying to make a little extra cash before i go to college. I was interested in crypto for awhile but never actually tried it out until last year when i was 16. I wil show you the current price of steem right now and all my stats for both weku and steem.

steem current value:Capture

The price of steem has dropped drastically but some people speculate that it is supposed to go up soon.


This is my current account balance on steemit. It’s not a lot because i don’t use it that often anymore because i have been more interested in weku recently as i have become a moderator on weku and i help the team find plagiarism and other stuff. My weku stats are


If you would like to join weku you can do so here: https://deals.weku.io/pick_account?referral=tornadoman

If you join weku make sure to contact me and i will help you out and answer any questions you have.

My username on steemti is: teenagecrypto

My weku username is: tornadoman

Youtube channel name: Rez night