How to get more YouTube views on your channel.

I started YouTube back in 2014 when i was about 12-13 and since then i have grown to 430 subscribers. Once i started gaming in 2017 is when my channel started to grow. I use to earn some money on YouTube but recently they changed the terms of service so now i need 1000 subs and 4000 watch hours. My goal this year is to hit 500 subs and get 100k views on my channel. Now that you know some stuff about my channel i can tell you how you can get more views on your channel.

Most new youtubers make videos and don’t get many views on them and the question is why. Well what people don’t know is that they can use tags in there videos which increases the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so users can find your videos easier. Here’s a example of one popular video on my channel and the tags that i used in it:


This video got my channel 200 views in 1-2 days and that is a great start for me since i’m such a small youtuber. Also it’s important to make your tags related to your video so in this case when someone searches bo2 infections my video will be recommended to them. Also making a catchy title is also very important for people clicking on the video. Thumbnails are also very special because it has to catch the viewers attention and make them actually want to watch the video. I will show you my most popular video and the tags that i used in it to get so many views. Capture


This was actually my oldest video on my channel and my most popular video somehow. It was fishing related and a lot of people like fishing so that’s why it became so popular. Since i added tags in this video it made it easier to find and that’s why more people found it and watched it. I mostly play call of duty and several other games that a lot of people play. I’m good at the game and people like my content so that’s what make me happy and when they share my content youtube will recommend my videos to more people and get me more views. If you guys would like to check out my channel you can do so here:

If you have any more questions you can contact on youtube and i will answer them to the best of my knowledge. I thank you for reading today’s post and i hope you decide to come by in the future.

Yours truly, Mrblogger